Friday, July 22, 2011

ای ام و زنبورداری

EM Technology in Beekeeping

Protection against the Varoa-mite for bees

 Many years on the whole wide world we have a great problem by bee-keeping. Whole bee-colonies died about the varoa-mite. This mite came from Asia and is a parasite, wich harms the whole beecolony, especially the breed. The mite is sucking the beeblood ... lymph ... of the breed and leaks it. So it dies. Experiments with vaporising Oxalic Acid Tablets in Europe, the tablets are mixed also with EM Ceramics™ powder and the effect will be more intensive and EM™ solution showered at the bee hive the varoa mite has no chance to harm the bees. For drinking: EM™ Solution 20 ml in 10 l water is powerfull for the bees. EM.1™ mixed in the food for the bees ... water and sugar and EM.1™ mixed up ... after harvesting the honey, is preventively for many infections of the bees: diarrhea, American Foulbrood, chalkbrood. In European countries we noticed, that the bees which were provided with EM™ were more healthier than others without EM™. Some beekeepers mix EM.1™ with water (1:200) and sprays it against the bee - hive – inside and outside. So the bees get a strong immune system. It's fine to work with EM Technology, because it is a pure biological system.